Lebronze alloys Group was born from the integration of different companies specializing in copper alloys, copper, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, specialty steels, stainless steels, titanium and nickel superalloys.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary know-how, the Group provides innovative solutions to all major industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power, Railway but also in sectors manufacturing smaller equipment and products.

Our 14 production facilities and 1,300 employees manage a unique range of metal processing technologies: continuous and semi-continuous casting, sand casting, die precision chill casting (manual, mechanized and automated), centrifugal casting, extrusion, ring rolling, hot and cold rolling, drawing, open-die forging, hot stamping, closed-die forging, cold forming, machining, non-destructive testing, etc.

The Group’s commitment is to find appropriate and optimized solutions for every sector’s requirements.

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Forges de Custines

New drop-hammer in Custines:
a strategic investment in 2019

Lebronze alloys is increasing its closed-die forging & heayy stamping capabilities by investing in a new 40,000 kgm forging hammer.

This production line will forge large parts weighing up to approx. 900kg, in special steels, stainless steels, in aluminum, copper-based and nickel-based alloys, as well as titanium.
Within the Custines industrial site, the new hammer will benefit from a fully integrated process. It will be combined with a large set of high-performance facilities, to offer unique capacities in Europe: 

  • A preparation press of 2,500 t with large dimensions and allowing hot extrusion of preforms.
  • Several kinds of furnaces to heat steels, aluminum, copper and nickel alloys and titanium at aerospace quality levels. These large furnaces will improve our production capacity and our competitiveness.
  • Tooling design and manufacturing onsite, and internal capacities of machining.
  • Thermal treatments and finishing on the Custines site for all forged metals.
  • Non Destructive Testing: ultrasonic testing ; penetrant testing ; 3D dimensional control ; magnetoscopy ; electrical conductivity testing

The new 40,000 kgm (400 kJ) double acting drop-hammer will complement to the existing forging capabilities in Custines: another hammer of 16,000 kgm, open-die forging, screw press of 2,500 t, Maxi-Press of 2,500 t. The Custines factory is ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified. 

Building on its renowned closed-die and open-die forging expertise, LBA will therefore be able to offer more complex forgings, dovetailing customer needs.

Examples of products addressing the demand of international growing markets:

  • Energy and electricity: forged parts for wind turbines, pumps and valves for nuclear energy, etc.
  • Offshore and onshore oil & gas: valve bodies, pumps, flanges, etc.
  • Construction equipment, cranes, mining, trucks and off-highway: transmission and pivot shafts, crane parts, spindles, etc
  • Railway: brake discs, hubs, structural parts, etc
  • Defense, naval and marine.

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Open-die forging, ring rolling, closed-die-forging, machining, non-destructive testing of copper alloys, aluminium alloys, special steels and superalloys parts. 

Specialties of the site:

Open-die forging,

ring rolling,

closed-die forging,


non-destructive testing

of copper alloys, aluminium alloys, special steels and superalloys.



History of the site:


Dupont & Fould builds 2 blast furnaces feld with coke tranferred then close to Nancy (Pompey).  The Société des Hauts fourneaux et Aciéries de Pompey earns a reputation by supplying more than 8,000 tons of steel,


The Company grows with 2 additional furnaces,


Dupont & Fould seeks to modernize moving towards special steels,


The steel mill becomes Société des Aciéries de Pompey,


The company Marchal Forges decides to establish itself on site and creates Loforge,


Loforges becomes Bar Loforges through the acquisition of Forge de Bar sur Aube,


Bar Loforges joins Société des fonderies du MANOIR to become Manoir Industries,


Creation of Manoir Industries Custines,


The Company is taken over par Lebronze alloys group; trough Forges de Trie-Château; and becomes Forges de Custines & Trie-Château.


On December 1rst, all French companies of the Group merge and are renamed into Lebronze alloys. 

Date: 28th January, 2016
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