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Hardiall - CuNiSn alloy

High hardness and low friction copper alloys designed for extreme conditions

HARDIALL® is a high
performance Copper
Nickel Tin spinodal
alloy (CuNi15Sn8)

It is wrought and spinodally
hardened, and it exhibits very
high mechanical

It has excellent physical
surface properties
such as
friction, pitting & galling
resistance, dimensional
stability, and good corrosion

It is environment
, being Be-free,
Pb-free and recyclable

* such as hardness above 30 HRC and tensile strength above 1,000 MPa, depending on tempers and grades


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Hardiall® Properties and Benefits

Standards : CuNi15Sn8 ; UNS C72900 ; ASTM B 505.

Hardiall® Key features & Benefits

High strength and hardness

Easy implementation

Low friction

Excellent galling resistance

Corrosion & Erosion resistant

Pitting and spalling resistance


No Hydrohen embrittlement

Excellent lubricity

High performance at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures -125℃ up to 300℃

Excellent wear resistance

Dimensional stability

Excellent machinability


Hardiall® is available in two tempers: TX temper (solution annealed, wrought and spinodally hardened temper) and TS temper (solution annealed, cold finished and spinodally hardened temper) for even higher mechanical properties.


Hardiall® Key Applications

Aerospace Friction bushings and Bearings

In landing gears, bushings and bearings are required to operate under severe conditions, they need to be lubricated and replaced frequently causing recurring maintenance downtimes.
To reduce maintenance costs Hardiall® is used for such applications as it demonstrates excellent lubricity, wear, and galling resistance. Thus providing a longer service life and an improved total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other copper and non-copper alloys materials.
Hardiall® is ideal for applications where the load required exceeds the performance of copper-nickel-aluminum based alloys or where lubricity is critical and titanium cannot satisfy the Engineers requirements.

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Mining Bushings and Bearings

In mining equipment, bushings and bearings are highly solicited components. They need to be lubricated and replaced frequently implying recurrent production downtimes and maintenance man hours.
Hardiall® is used in excavators, mining trucks and longwall shearers. For such mining vehicles, Hardiall® demonstrates excellent lubricity, wear and galling resistance making it the ideal material for bushings and bearings.
For these applications, Hardiall® outperforms steel and manganese bronze by increasing the durability, the reliability and the lubrication cycles of highly solicited bushings and bearings.

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Oil & Gas Couplings for onshore production systems e.g. sucker rods

Hardiall is also used in onshore oil pumps as sucker rod and valve rod guide bushing couplings. In such applications where stainless steel is generally used, Hardiall® demonstrates excellent resistance to metal-to-metal wear. Thus providing a reduction of failures and hence maintenance downtimes.
For these applications Lebronze alloys integrated supply chain is able to propose ready-to-use products.

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Other applications

Landing gear attachments, Engine and Pylon attachments, Flight control mechanisms, Doors and Hatches. Many other developments in Ship Building, Subsea and Chemical industries.


Hardiall® offer: unlocking potential for high strength copper alloys

Depending on applications, it can replace advantageously Beryllium Copper, Nickel based Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs), Titanium, Precipitation Hardening Steels, Stainless Steel and Manganese Bronzes

  • It is a material of choice for design engineers solving challenges for stringent requirements and environments, such as performance friction bushings and bearing cages
  • HARDIALL® complies with and exceeds the aerospace standards (AMS 4596, 4597, 4598, UT AMS 2154 class B…) as well as oil  & gas customers specifications and controls NACE MR0175-corrosion and UT API-6A par7.

Lebronze alloys is willing to expand the applications of high strength alloys with this new CuNiSn product, along with existing Aluminum Bronzes and age hardening CuNiSi alloys:

  • By delivering high-quality products and services
  • By developing new services such as alloys advisory for prescribers, co-design and TCO optimization with semi-finished or near-net-shape components.

Hardiall® benefits from a fully integrated manufacturing process and a global distribution network:

  • Internal Lebronze alloys processes include casting, hot and cold working stages, heat treatments and non-destructive testing.  Being fully integrated ensures reactivity and complete traceability.
  • ebronze alloys stocks and internal distribution system (30+ partners worldwide) make Hardiall® available at a global scale.


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Composition, standards, norms: CuNi15Sn8 ; UNS C72900 ; ASTM B 505 ; AMS 4596, 4597, 4598


Hardiall® distributors network

For a higher level of stock availability and services, Lebronze alloys has partnered with selected distributors our Hardiall® products. Distribution partners per countries include:

  • US: Concast Birmingham Inc.

  • UK& Ireland: Righton & Blackburns Ltd.
    (Exclusivity for all Hardiall applications & grades)

  • France: Paris-Saint-Denis Aero 
    (Exclusivity for Hardiall Aerospace grades)

  • ASEAN : Kim Ann Engineering Pte Ltd

Date: 21st January, 2016
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