Lebronze alloys Group was born from the integration of different companies specializing in copper alloys, copper, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, specialty steels, stainless steels, titanium and nickel superalloys.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary know-how, the Group provides innovative solutions to all major industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power, Railway but also in sectors manufacturing smaller equipment and products.

Our 14 production facilities and 1,300 employees manage a unique range of metal processing technologies: continuous and semi-continuous casting, sand casting, die precision chill casting (manual, mechanized and automated), centrifugal casting, extrusion, ring rolling, hot and cold rolling, drawing, open-die forging, hot stamping, closed-die forging, cold forming, machining, non-destructive testing, etc.

The Group’s commitment is to find appropriate and optimized solutions for every sector’s requirements.

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Lebronze alloys opens its capital to support the Group’s growth.


Marne (51) - Lebronze alloys group (formerly Le Bronze Industriel and its subsidiaries) opens its capital to three investment partners specialising in mid-market companies with strong potential: Société Générale Capital Partenaires (SGCP), BNP Paribas Development and Bpifrance. The purpose of this operation is to support the strategic growth of the Group which aims to become a world leader in its market.

With a turnover of 200M€ and 1250 employees globally , of which 750 work in France. Lebronze alloys specializes in metal products and components with high added value, based on the integration of technologies and expertise in casting, forging, extrusion, cold transformation, heat treatment and machining, the group offers optimized solutions for major industrial sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Luxury, Energy, etc., and markets them worldwide.

Michel Dumont, President of Lebronze alloys, explains : « This minority transaction along side our historic and private shareholders, is a further achievement in our efforts to build a strong-peforming mid-market company that benefits from structured and solid financing. This move also gives us the possibility to pursue our development on the basis of internal and external growth operations by addressing customer demands for solutions that are optimized, global and based on long term partnerships. »

Cédric Camy-Debat, Investment Director at Société Générale Capital Partenaires says : « The enhancement of the shareholder structure of Lebronze alloys is perfectly in line with its strategy. We’re proud to bring, alongside with the other new shareholders, an additional intervention capacity, to pursue the construction of a world class group operating on high technology markets with a big growth potential. »

Thierry Nicol, Investment Director at BNP Paribas Development, reminds that BNP Paribas is one of the Group’s historic financial partners. « We’re glad to reinforce our support to the company by joining the shareholders with a long term perpective.»

Olivier Fosse, Investment Director at Bpifrance confirms: « This operation fits perfectly with Bpifrance’s missions: supporting and accompanying the growth of French mid-market companies and their development of international markets in order to become world leaders in their sectors ».



Investor’s Legal advisor: LAMARTINE (Vincent LIBAUD)
Due Diligences Investor: ADVANCE CAPITAL (Olivier PONCIN, Pascal RIPAUX, Alice VAN DER SCHRIECK)
Legal advisor of Lebronze alloys: COBLENCE & ASSOCIES (Jean-Marc COBLENCE, Julien PASTUREAU)


About Société Générale Capital Partenaires :
For more than 30 years, Société Générale Capital Partenaires (SGCP) has supported shareholders/managers of small and mid-market companies, characterized by transparency and proximity. SGCP positions itself in acquisitions of minority interests between 300k€ and 20Mio€ in different contexts: development through external or organic growth, take-over or handover, shareholder reorganization, optimization of the financial structure. Fully integrated into the network of the Retail Banking in France and the Société Générale Entrepreneurs facility created in the beginning of 2016, the teams of SGCP enjoy the close relationship with the French small-and middle-sized companies due to their Investment Director based in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Strasbourg, Rennes et Marseille. In 2015, SGCP invested in about fifteen operations, confirming their commitment to finance companies and economy.
More information on: http://capitalpartenaires.societegenerale.com 

About BNP Paribas Development :
BNP Paribas Development, an independent subsidiary of the international bank group BNP Paribas, is a limited liability company, founded in 1988, that directly invests its own capital in order to support the development of successful small- and middle market compagnies and ensure their sustainability by facilitating their transmission, as a minority shareholder.

About Bpifrance :
A subsidiary of French state-owned Caisse des Dépôts and a trusted partner of entrepreneurs, Bpifrance supports companies (small and middle-size companies, and larger units of strategic dimensions for the French economy), from seed capital to IPO, through credit, guarantee and capital. Furthermore, Bpifrance provides accompagnying services and extended support for innovation, external growth and export, in partnership with Business France. With 47 regional implementations, it represents a unique partner for entrepreneurs in all regions and all requirements in financing and investment.
More information on: www.bpifrance.fr – Follow us on Twitter: @bpifrance 

Date: 27th March, 2017
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