ARCAP® alloys: technical brochure

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 ARCAP®is a range of materials designed and produced by Lebronze alloys (ex. CLAL, CLAL MSX). They exhibit very high anti-corrosion, a-magnetism and machinability.

ARCAP® AP1D: excellent machinability

  • The AP1D range was designed to offer high free-cutting ability as well as exceptional surface finish after machining. It is available in rod (bar) and wire forms.
  • Examples of ARCAP® AP1D applications: Aerospace, Medical and healthcare equipment, Military, Electronics and electrical engineering, Watch industry, Screws for MRI, Ferrules for fiber optics Connectors, Sensors, Sleeves, Spraying nozzles, etc.
  • Composition, standards: ISO CuNi25Zn11.5Pb1 ; UNS C79350.

ARCAP® AP1C and AP1: High formability

  • AP1C (used in bars for parts that will undergo forming through twisting, bending, riveting, crimping, and so on, and for any kind of weld) and AP1 (sheets, strips, wires and tubes) can be machined in the same conditions as high-grade carbon steels, and as easily (simply expect to sharpen your tools more frequently).

ARCAP® AP4: Remarkable corrosion resistance

  • AP4 is less easy to turn than the previous two grades. It can nevertheless be machined with no greater difficulty than chrome-nickel-molybdenum steels. The use of lathes with a capacity exceeding the cross-section and use of lubricants for special alloys is recommended.

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