EnviB ECO® and EnviB X alloys: technical brochure

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 EnviB ECO®is a new product within Lebronze alloys’ range of machinable lead-free brasses: the EnviB alloys.

EnviB ECO® is a Silicon Copper alloy (CuZn21Si3P), it is lead-free (max 900 PPM - 0.09% Pb) and highly machinable. Thanks to its corrosion & dezincification resistance, EnviB ECO® excels in mechanical and fluid applications among others.

The EnviB X family of 4 alloys is also presented in this brochure: EnviB 1, EnviB 10, EnviB 58 and EnviB 158. These alloys are highly machinable brasses with max 1000 or 90 PPM lead (max. 60 PPM lead can be also produced on demand). Thanks to high conductivity and low levels of lead (Pb), EnviB X products excel in electrical, mechanical and luxury applications among others. EnviB X alloys have improved recycling capacity due to the absence of Silicon. The chips can be mixed with leaded or unleaded brass: EnviB 1 ; EnviB 10 ; EnviB 158 ; EnviB 58.

Composition, standards, norms for EnviB ECO®: ISO CuZn21Si3P ; UNS C69300 ; EN CW724R

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