Loast Foam Casting

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Lost Foam casting is a new casting solution for copper and specialty copper alloys developed by Lebronze alloys. It is meant to address customer needs for ever more complex shapes and optimized production costs, in industries like railway, steel furnaces, etc.

Lost foam is an innovative casting process where liquid metal is poured on a foam pattern. It is complementing Lebronze alloys’ experience of component casting processes such as sand casting, centrifugal casting and die casting. In Lost foam, the pattern, placed in a casting system filled with sand, is evaporated by the metal, which takes the form of the final part.

Lost Foam casting is also innovative in the pattern making steps, allowing a higher design flexibility and more complex shapes. Lost Foam enables high technical and economical performances, tight tolerances, machining savings, metal and energy consumption savings. Lebronze alloys is capable of proposing fast prototype production.

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