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Lost foam casting for copper alloys, an exclusive process by Lebronze alloys

Lost foam is an innovative casting process where liquid metal is poured on a foam pattern. The pattern, placed in a casting system filled with sand, is evaporated by the metal, which takes the form of the final part. Lost Foam casting enables high technical and economical performances: tight tolerances, machining savings, metal and energy consumption savings.

Lost foam casting is available for a wide range of alloys:

  • Bronze (CuSn)
  • Aluminum Bronze (CuAl, CuAlFeNi)
  • Brass
  • Low alloyed Copper
  • Other copper alloys on request

Lost foam casting is possible for parts weighting from 100 g to 100 kg.

Other casting process available at Lebronze alloys for Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Brass and other copper alloys :

  • Die precision chill casting: manual, semi-automated and fully automated
  • Centrifugal casting and sand casting : for very large parts up to 10 tons, from small to large volumes

Specialties of the site:

Lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, sand casting, cast-in pipes and machining of copper alloys.








History if the site:


Ludwig Will and Friedrich Hundt founds the “Siegener Phosphor- und Broncegiesserei Will & Hundt”. Three employees start the production of non-iron heavy metal casting, more particularly fittings for blast furnaces and cylinder bearings.


Karl Weber joins the company.



Ludwig Will deceased and the same year, Friedrich Hundt and Karl Weber set up “Hundt & Weber Geisweid”.
With targeted investments in the development of new technologies, important progress in the fields of red brass and bronze casting was achieved early on.


Hundt & Weber manages to establish itself in the international market as a dependable and high quality supplier of non-ferrous casting


The company is taken over by lebronze alloys Germany GmbH. Today, Hundt & Weber has seven induction furnaces with a total melting capacity of 22,500 kg.