• Lebronze alloys Germany - Lüdenscheid

Copper alloys wire and rod production.

Lebronze alloys Germany is specialized in copper alloys wire and rod production. Miniature profiles, stationery industry, electronics, electrical engineering, drilling and turning, brazing and welding fillers are the main applications of LbaG production.


Specialties of the site :

Continuous casting, centrifugal casting, sand casting , extrusion, drawing, machining of copper alloys.








History of the site:


Heinrich Jaeger Lüdenscheid is created and involved in production of small metal parts.


After a period of conversion into a stock company, Busch-Jaeger Lüdenscheider Metallwerk starts the production of semi-finished products from brass.


The company is taken over by the Swissmetal group.



A new production line is created for nickel-silver.


In November, the company joins the group Lebronze alloys and is renamed Lebronze alloys Germany.


In August, Lebronze alloys Germany acquires the German company Hundt & Weber, which was part of the Saar-Metallwerke group. Hundt & Weber is immediately merged with Lebronze alloys Germany.