• Lebronze Tuffaloy North America (JV)

A comprehensive line of high quality resistance welding consumables.

Tuffaloy is one of the largest resistance welding consumable suppliers in North America servicing the automotive, white goods, aerospace and general fabrication markets. The company manufactures three different brands of consumables (Tuffaloy, CMW, and RWP) from two manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada. Tuffaloy is focused on servicing the resistance welding market with the most comprehensive line of high quality resistance welding consumables.

LTNA, LLC, the joint venture with Le Bronze Industriel SAS (Lebronze alloys group) forges the companies’ product know-how and manufacturing capabilities for the production of resistance welding electrodes for automotive and other industrial applications. The JV, (Lebronze Tuffaloy North America) is based in Greer, SC, U.S.A.


Speciality of the site:

The only vertically integrated resistance cap supplier, physically located in the North America.

LTNA is committed to bringing advanced Lebronze alloys technology to the North American market through the manufacturing expertise and supply chain management of Tuffaloy Products.







History of the site:


Tuffaloy Products Inc. is created through the introduction by "Welding Sales & Engineering Company of Detroit" of a new line of resistance welding alloys tradenamed TUFFALOY.
What began as just a part of a general line of welding equipment soon became their main business, as electrode holders and other resistance welding accessories were added to the TUFFALOY product line. Today this now-familiar name represents the most innovative and respected resistance welding alloy and accessory company in the field.


LTNA, LLC is created, Joint-Venture with Le Bronze Industriel SAS (Lebronze alloys group).