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The Lebronze alloys group is capable of supplying a very diverse range of components to the power industry.

We manufacture parts from 10 g up to 20 000 kgs, each range is focused on ensuring the optimum level of quality, price and service are delivered.

Whether the material is forged, die-cast, extruded or permanent mold cast they comply with the most demanding specifications in terms of physical and chemical properties. We are able to accommodate changes to properties as we are fully in control of the whole manufacturing process, utilising our own state of the art facilities.

Our capabilities enable us to offer either single one off components, through to large volumes, produced to our exacting standards in materials ranging from pure copper to the hardest steels, highly complex technical copper alloys or aluminium.

And last, but not least, Lebronze alloys, through its engineering department collaborates closely with its customers to help develop products and processes that enable tomorrow’s demands to be met today.


Motor End Rings & Locking Rings production

Our standard manufactured range goes up to 1000 mm (39.4”) Outside Diameter. Larger diameters can be accommodated; these however are dependent upon the internal diameter and thicknesses required.

Our standard method of fabrication varies dependent upon the alloy and the required dimensions and the customer’s specification; we do however make 3 standard distinctions as follows:

  • Copper (CuEtp; CuHCP; CuOF):

Casting + Cutting + Forging and/or Rolling + Cutting + Machining + NDT (UT) + Marking + Dimensional Controls (CMM)

  • Copper Alloys: CuCrZr (CRM16E) / CuNiSi (NS5):

Casting + Cutting + Forging and/or Rolling + Heat treatment + Cutting + Machining + NDT (UT) + Marking + Dimensional Controls (CMM)

  • Other Copper Alloys and Bronze according your needs.

Casting + Cutting + Forging and/or Rolling + Cutting + Machining + NDT (UT) + Marking + Dimensional Controls (CMM)

Forged rings have a superior fine and homogenous grain structure due to their hot transformation

This finer and more homogenous grain structure of the forged ring tubes translates into enhanced and consistent mechanical properties. Unlike cast rings, forged rings are easily able to be ultrasonically tested which ensures a level of consistency in quality and soundness of the product.

We support our customers thanks to our specialized engineering department and qualified TOP SOLID technicians.

We are totally integrated this allow us to work closely with our customer to optimize the fabrication parameters to improve the mechanical characteristics of short circuit rings.

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  • Generators for nuclear, electric, hydro-electric plants
  • Off-shore and on-shore wind turbines
  • Asynchronous motors for railway industries, mining, nuclear,quarries and specialized « off-highway » applications
  • Valves for decanting of uranium hexafluoride
  • Engineered fixing systems (catenaries/switchgears) for railway infrastructures
  • Electrical application (switches, operating voltage parts,connectors...)

Our references

ABB, Alstom Power, Alstom Transport, Areva, ATB Morley, BHEL, Bombardier, Galland, Cegelec, Descote, EMIT Poland, General Electric, GE Hitachi, Kathrein KG, Jeumont Electric, Metalor Technologies, Nexans, Praxair, RATP, Siemens, Schneider Electric, SNCF, Socomec Benfeld, Toyo, TT Electric, Traktionssysteme, Tyco Electronics, Voith, WEG.

Lebronze alloys, your partner for substitutes to leaded brass.

Being aware of the technological and economic challenges that the move towards an unleaded brass world represents, Lebronze alloys has developed various solutions to support its customers towards this goal. These solutions are environmentally responsible, durable and cost effective.

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