• Wire for electrical applications

The electrical components industry’s aim is to develop and produce electronic devices to connect electrical devices between themselves and to their power source.

High conductivity copper and copper alloys for the electrical industry are used for electromechanical components. Many variations are possible from round wire to profiled wires and rods orientated to the application. Our wire is able to meet the precise geometric sizes and tolerances for automatic mechanical processes.

Lebronze alloys Group can offer over 10,000 different profile types and variations.

With over 30 alloy combinations we can help our customers to meet their tight requirements with regard to the material composition, dimension, shape and conductivity or size tolerances they require.


The fields of applications are mostly contact springs, contact systems, capacitors, resistors, relays, connectors, contact pins, bushes, terminals, switches and modular systems, screw fittings, clamps, solde- ring, welding, crimping, splicing.

Specialities like superconductor channels profiles, tin plated wire for Battery applications complete the field of applications.

Our wire for these applications will provide our customers perfect processing parameters such as torsional moment, corrosion resistance, corrosions resistance, good cold working parameters together with environmental friendly properties.

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Lebronze alloys delivers to some of the most reputed companies globally. Our components/materials are produced with a specific focus for the special requirements the products may have (accuracy and reproducibility are key).


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Lebronze alloys, your partner for substitutes to leaded brass.

Being aware of the technological and economic challenges that the move towards an unleaded brass world represents, Lebronze alloys has developed various solutions to support its customers towards this goal. These solutions are environmentally responsible, durable and cost effective.

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