• Luxury

Lebronze alloys group manufactures finished components in copper alloys to serve the luxury industry.

From high end leather goods to cigar boxes, the range of components is very large.

These components are manufactured from copper alloys supplied from within the group (brasses with or without lead, copper aluminium).

Our metallic parts can be coated with precious metals by electrodepositing. Many finishes can be achieved: Gold colour 1N14, Palladium, Satin Titanium or Silver for example.
Varnishes can be also applied. Special sub layers can be applied in order to respect low Nickel release as per EN17072-2, EN12472 or EN1811-CR12471.

All finishes are validated by performance tests: salt spray, moist heat, thioacetamide or synthetic sweat.

Lebronze alloys is recognized as a strong and reliable partner within the luxury industry.


  • Leather goods
  • Music instruments
  • Equestrian
  • High end trunks
  • Tableware

Our references

High end French leather goods makers, Orfèvrerie Christofle, Baccarat, Le Creuset among many others.


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Lebronze alloys, your partner for substitutes to leaded brass.

Being aware of the technological and economic challenges that the move towards an unleaded brass world represents, Lebronze alloys has developed various solutions to support its customers towards this goal. These solutions are environmentally responsible, durable and cost effective.

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