• Iron & Steel furnaces

Lebronze alloys is a leading specialist in the production of water cooled cooling components for use in the field of Iron and Steel making. Our products are successfully used worldwide in the Blast Furnace and Steelmaking Industry.

In an industry that is challenged with an environment which exhibits extreme thermal and mechanical stresses upon the products used in the production process, Hundt & Weber sets new standards in terms of reliability and service lifetime.

Supported by modern technology and a full understanding of the theoretical requirements software calculates the requirements from the customer which is then fully utilized to optimize a solution for the customer. Extensive quality control steps (e.g. X-ray testing, PT, UT) guarantee a permanent and constant high quality level.


  • Blast Furnace Industry BF
  • Blast Oxygen Furnace Industry BOF
  • Electrical Arc Furnace Industry EAF

Our references

Danieli Group, SMS Siemag, Thyssen Krupp

Lebronze alloys delivers to some of the most reputed companies globally. Our components/material are produced with a specific focus for the special requirements the products may have (accuracy and reproducibility are key).