• Metal working

Lebronze alloys supplies high quality copper alloys for the metal working industries.

Welding and cutting are the main application fields of these alloys.

As far as electrical resistance welding is concerned, Lebronze alloys supplies contact electrodes such as welding blocks, bars or discs for coils applications.

The alloys supplied by the group have been developed and improved due to our expertise and experience thus increasing the life span of the components.

High technical Brazing and Welding fillers are also produced by the group. Brazing is different from welding in that it uses filler (solder) that has a lower melting point than the basic materials; therefore the basic materials are not melted. As a result, basic materials and solder may have different compositions. As far as welding is concerned, large surface or local melting of basic material and weld material are achieved.

Lebronze alloys produces also electrical discharge machining (EDM) wires


  • Electric resistance welding
  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding
  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding
  • Manual arc welding
  • Gas welding (acetylene welding)
  • Processing metal working components

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Lebronze alloys delivers to some of the most reputed companies globally. Our components/materials are produced with a specific focus for the special requirements the products may have (accuracy and reproducibility are key).

Lebronze alloys is an AWS (American Welding Society) - RWMA member.


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