• Off-highway (military, commercial, farm and handling vehicles)

Lebronze alloys has developed for more than 40 years a unique know-how in die forging and machining of aluminium parts for Transport industry.

Our forged components in aluminium offer the ideal compromise between weight (lightness), high mechanical properties allied with precise dimensional requirements. Moreover, thanks to their resistance to corrosion without any coating, they are particularly adapted to an aggressive environment.

Our screw presses and power hammers equipment provides optimized ranges for manufacturing special steels parts from 500 g to 700 kg, ensuring high mechanical properties.

Our experienced engineers will support any of your projects. With this ethos we have acquired a great experience in reducing the weight of a component and reducing in-process material wastage, all aimed at reducing CO2 emissions whilst also saving energy.

Lebronze alloys can answer all your needs from small to large quantities, thanks to its flexible organization and substantial forging and machining capacity.


Automotive, trucks, trailers, tanks, buses, boats, off road vehicles, public works and handling vehicles.

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Lebronze alloys delivers to some of the most reputed companies globally. Our components/materials are produced with a specific focus for the special requirements the products may have (accuracy and reproducibility are key).

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Lebronze alloys, your partner for substitutes to leaded brass.

Being aware of the technological and economic challenges that the move towards an unleaded brass world represents, Lebronze alloys has developed various solutions to support its customers towards this goal. These solutions are environmentally responsible, durable and cost effective.

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