Copper and surface-related infectious risk: the case of COVID-19

 To contribute to the debate on the fight against SARS-CoV-2, Lebronze alloys, a specialist in copper and its alloys, proposes a review of scientific publications on the role played by surfaces (fomites) in the transmission of infections. These scientific studies suggest that copper could contribute to prevention measures and have a barrier role in the current COVID-19 pandemic and in hand-transmitted outbreaks generally.

Lebronze alloys, together with its partners, has been carrying out research for more than ten years on the behaviour of bacteria, fungi and viruses in contact with on copper alloys in order to reduce the risk of infection.

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Steriall - antimicrobial copper 



Steriall® products derive their power from an exceptional metal: copper

For several decades, scientific research has shown that copper contributes to a lasting reduction in the populations of germs present on the surfaces that constitute our daily environment, while the pathogens present on a surface of stainless steel or PVC can survive for months, In addition, copper makes it possible to fight against all the bacteria tested, including strains resistant to antibiotics.

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The development of Steriall® is based on these properties, and it was made possible thanks to the in-depth knowledge acquired by the Lebronze alloys group of technical copper alloys. After several years of Research and Development (in particular with the assistance of the Fonderephar microbiology laboratories in Toulouse and the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne URCA), the Steriall® solution has turned to alloys with more than 75% copper, and numerous technical optimizations have made it possible to increase its efficiency.

The Steriall® solution applies to a wide variety of architectural elements, and has three key elements:

  • The copper alloy
  • The surface condition of the elements
  • The Steriall® cleaning and maintenance method



    • Offices
    • Housing
    • Restrooms
    • Hospital and clinics
    • Home for the elderly
    • Nursery
    • Public transport
    • Manufactured products (chairs, beds, telephones…)

SteriAll® Research & Development

In collaboration with numerous research organizations and numerous healthcare professionals, the research and tests (in the laboratory, in the field) have made possible many optimizations of the SteriAll® solution.

The development of SteriAll® is supported by a large-scale R&D program with the main research axes:

  • Study of the condition over time of the antimicrobial properties
  • Study the conditions to keep the aesthetic appearance of antimicrobial surfaces
  • Adjust the alloys to have the highest performance against contaminant viruses and bacteria
  • Estimate the patient benefit within the weak immune defense system population

This work has given rise to publications carried out and in progress, including the work of the URCA on SteriAll® as well as the Cuprocare study. The study published in 2018: “Copper Alloy Touch Surfaces in Healthcare Facilities: An Effective Solution to Prevent Bacterial Spreading” ((Colin M, Klingelschmitt F, Charpentier E, Josse J, Kanagaratnam L, De Champs C, Gangloff SC) is available here.

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Our references

Different hospitals and clinics in France as Rambouillet Hospital, Clinique du Tonkin in Villeurbanne or Clinique du Parc in Perigueux are protecting their patients thanks to Steriall products.


We can refer in particular the Rambouillet Hospital Center (Rambouillet), the Tonkin clinic (Villeurbanne) or the Park Clinic (Périgueux). Different restaurants, offices, care establishments or private homes also protect their users thanks to Steriall. 

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