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ARCAP® special Nickel-Silver

Four ARCAP® alloy grades

ARCAP® AP1D: Excellent machinability

The AP1D grade has been specially created for all kinds of machining work with much better machinability than stainless Steel alloys and without chemical compatibility (electrolysis). On the contrary than Brass when harsh environment is involved, ARCAP® AP1D does not need nickel plating.
The ease with which AP1D is machined is reflected in:

  • Cutting speeds of up to 150m/minute (depending on parts, tools and machines),
  • Excellent surface finishes. Surfaces can be rolled and polished with a diamond tool,
  • The absence of burrs on drilling,
  • A reduction in sharpening frequencies.


ARCAP® AP1C and AP1: high elasticity and formability

AP1C (used in strip and bars for parts that will undergo forming through twisting, bending, riveting, crimping, stamping and so on, and for any kind of weld, especially through laser welding) is the spring grade.

  • AP1 (sheets, strips, wires and tubes) is the deep drawing grade with very good cold forming properties.
  • AP1 C is often the best solution when lead free requirement is specified, together with corrosion resistance and amagnetic properties


ARCAP® AP4: Remarkable corrosion resistance at high temperature

AP4 is available in strip, sheets, bars and wire less, easy to turn than the previous two grades. It can nevertheless be machined with no greater difficulty than chrome-nickel-molybdenum steels.

  • The use of lathes with a capacity exceeding the cross-section and use of lubricants for special alloys is recommended. It’s showing high mechanical properties and good Marine corrosion resistance.
Available forms
European Norms
Safety sheet
ARCAP® AP1 CuNi25Zn11Mn C76390 datasheet
ARCAP® AP1C CuNi25Zn19Mn datasheet
ARCAP® AP1D CuNi23Zn15Pb1Mn C76390 datasheet
ARCAP® AP4 CuNi44Mn1 datasheet

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