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Environmental protection is a keyword of Lebronze alloys growth strategy.

Our company is aware of the environmental constraints linked to its industrial activities and commits itself to preserving resources, limiting and controlling its environmental impact and promoting copper alloy recycling. Such a commitment for the environment leads us to take many specific control and improvement measures:

Resource preservation


With the commissioning of physic-chemical treatment plant for all industrial wastewater and the improvement of our production processes, we have been able to significantly reduce our water consumption and thus our impact on water resources.


Thanks to our investment in new buildings and the implementation of innovative processes, we have been able to largely reduce our energy consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

Control of the environmental impact


We have been sorting all our industrial waste for many years. They are eliminated by approved processing centers where the maximum volumes are recycled.

Investing in new production processes and taking measures for at source reduction allowed us to reduce the produced amount of hazardous products.

Use of chlorinated solvents

We stopped using chlorinated, environmentally hazardous solvents many years ago. The use of chlorinated solvents (COV) – which have a big impact on the environment – was also stopped. They were replaced by innovative and environmentally friendly degreasing processes.


Lebronze alloys monitors and complies with the legal values defined for dust and greenhouse gas emissions. Thank to large investments, we have also been able to greatly improve our installations for smoke and dust collection and filtration.

Copper alloy recycling

Lebronze alloys continues to develop processes to internally recycle all the produced goods which are not sold to traditional customers (swarf, process, scrap.). The objective of such development is to reduce the amount of waste transferred to external collection and refining channels.

These news processes have led to a 25% reduction of the produced amount of waste per ton used.

The development of machined parts – which is part of the Lebronze alloys strategy – raises the amount of metals to be recycled compared to the amount of metal sold, which reduces the environmental nuisance (i.e. it reduces energy needs in tons of oil equivalent – TOE – and greenhouse gas emission in tons of carbon dioxide TCO2)

The balance per ton of recycled waste is the following:

 Lebronze alloys recyclingCustomer recycling
TOE 0.12 0.20
TCO2 0.06 0.62


A fully integrated production process

Committed to sustainable development, Lebronze alloys supplies it customers with products whose initial sizes are as near as possible to the final product. This allows reducing the noxious recycling of swarf that will be produced by the customer. As an alternative, Lebronze alloys offers its customers collection solutions for waste metals (swarf, process scrap, obsolete materials).


Usual order process for machined parts


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