• Innovation

Copper - the innovative potential

The extraordinary characteristics of copper in terms of environmental impact represent an indispensable constituent of future innovations.

Characteristics of copper:

  • Low energy consumption (high power and thermal conductivity)
  • Easy shaping
  • High sustainability (Oxidation resistance)
  • Health protection (virucide, bactericide, fungicide) that is developed through Steriall’s and Cubiclin’s brands 
  • Recyclable (recoverable throughout its entire life cycle)


Innovation - ongoing mobilization within the group

Lebronze alloys recent innovations try to combine one or more characteristics of copper while eliminating flaws. The multi-markets activity is a further advantage that allows transferring appraisals from one market to another.

It is a strategic axis of the group whether by the acquisition of companies mastering complementary technologies for elaboration, transformation and the joining of copper alloys (casting, continuous casting of wire, hot stamping, surface coating, and high-speed machining of moulds...) or by investment in proprietary processes.

This multi-process competence gives us the possibility to search for the most pertinent and innovative solutions that anticipate and respond to the customer’s future needs.

The Group’s Strategy and Innovation Department mobilizes its expertise. This Department is made up of 3 sub-departments that work constantly together:

  • Strategic Marketing Department: interfaces with the market, estimates future need and commercial stake developments. It supports the Customer Relation until the industrialization of the innovatory product.
  • Materials Department: interfaces with the scientific world, especially in Metallurgy, Mechanics and Thermal Science. Over the past 5 years the Department worked together with 24 European centers of scientific expertise (universities, laboratories, technical centers) on projects whose duration usually takes a number of years.
  • Process Development: interfaces with suppliers of technology and internal industrialization services. It also designs a complete process, its automation, as well as the control and regulation of key parameters that guaranty a stability of the product’s quality.

Innovation projects in partnership with our customers

"There is no substitute for experience" is Lebronze alloys’ intention and allows its customers and partners to benefit of its innovations when available and without any conditions.

When the Group’s experience is not enough, we undertake a development project, whether in a closed setting if the customer requires confidentiality or a setting of partnership for science and technology when we can ensure the management of the project. In the latter case, we are always looking for a reference customer’s support.

There are two steps within our innovation and development process, an initial draft determining the costs, limitations, resources and draft submission to the customer, followed by supply of the prototype prior to any investment decision.