• Our CSR policy

Our commitment

The experience of each of our sites is "irreplaceable" however global economic and societal challenges, the creation of new markets such as electromobility and their integration through our innovation is essential to remain competitive. This requires significant financial, industrial and organizational strength that will only be possible through our group "Lebronze alloys" formed in 2016.

The economic performance of our group is a prerequisite, obtaining a group qualification meeting international quality and environmental standards is the basis of a relationship of trust with all our partners (customers, staff, shareholders, financiers, and communities).

Following the merger of the French companies, obtaining the quality and environmental certification for the group in 2018 is a necessary step to demonstrate, to all of our partners, the integration of the know-how, the skills and the exceptional industrial means of each of our entities.

To be certified ISO 9001 / EN 9100, we have to:

  • Translate our strategy into objectives that must be communicated, relayed and explained by management to all employees;
  • Follow common indicators and define actions with the objective of improving them;
  • To strive for excellence in the quality of service by developing a capacity to anticipate the needs of our partners and clients.

To be ISO 14001 certified, we are committed to meeting our obligations by protecting our employees and their environment by preventing pollution. We will continue to develop processes that reduce metal consumption and enable in-house recycling of our manufacturing scrap. More generally we will:

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources (water and fossil fuels);
  • Reduce our waste (foundry slag, waste, smoke, dust and noise ...);
  • Guarantee the origin and conformity of purchased consumable products.

Our management of quality and the environment is based on:

  • Broad involvement of our teams in projects for the continuous improvement of our quality and environmental performance;
  • Communication of our policy and its implementation to all of our partners.

Thanks to the resources of the group we want to widen the following approvals to the majority of sites, by 2021:

  • Aeronautics and space markets with EN 9100;
  • Respect for the environment with ISO 14001;
  • Social responsibility according to the ECOVADIS reference system.


President Lebronze alloys