• Quality

Lebronze alloys develops for all its activities a formally recognized quality management system.

Our long experience in copper alloys and fully integrated production process and control system allows us to:

  • guarantee the traceability of our products, from raw material to the product delivered,
  • to certify our products properties,
  • to control our delivery times,

We perform the following controls and tests with our own in-house equipment.

Means of mettallurgical control

  • Tensile strength
  • Impact testing/ Charpy 
  • Micrography (corrosion, grain size...) 
  • Product analysis 
  • Macrography
  • Hardness

Means of non-destructive testing

  • Magnetoscopes 
  • Solenoid magnetoscope
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Penetrant testing (coloured or fluorescent) 
  • Electrical conductivity control
  • 3D control

Means of metrological, geometrical and surface control

  • 3D control machine contact GLOBAL DEA 
  • 3D control machine without contact
  • Profile projectors
  • Microscopes and optical cameras
  • Measuring instruments (columns and accessories...)
  • Roughnessmeter

Approvals & certifications

To dowload our cetificates and approval certifications.

Work force qualification

The personnel who are responsible for and perform non-destructive testing are qualified and certified in accordance with a written procedure. When required by the customers’ specifications or the standards non-destructive testing are performed by level I/level II individual certified by the COFREND.