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Grâce à un savoir-faire pluridisciplinaire, le Groupe apporte des solutions novatrices à toutes les grandes industries telles que l’Aéronautique, le Pétrole & Gaz, l’Energie, le Ferroviaire mais est présent également dans des secteurs fabricant de plus petits équipements.

Nos 14 sites de production et 1300 collaborateurs maîtrisent un éventail unique de technologies de transformation des métaux : fonderie en coulée continue et semi-continue, fonderie sable, fonderie en coquille (manuelle, mécanisée, robotisée), fonderie centrifuge, extrusion, laminage circulaire, laminage à chaud et à froid, tréfilage, forge libre, matriçage, estampage, frappe à froid, usinage, contrôles non-destructifs, etc.

Offrir une solution adaptée et optimisée aux besoins de chaque secteur, tel est l’engagement de notre Groupe. 

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Si45Z - CuSiFeZn – AMS 4616 – Lebronze Alloys


(CuSi3Fe2Zn3, AMS 4616)

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Si45Z is a wrought single-phase silicon iron copper alloy: CuSi3Fe2Zn3 (AMS 4616, UNS C65620). This material exhibits exceptional ductility and elongation rate together with good mechanical properties. It therefore enables a good cold formability and complex shapes, it also allows to design components that would not hurt their environment if they were to fail. It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear and galling.

Si45Z is used in aerospace applications (bearing cages, retainers, etc.), industrial applications (asynchronous motors), and many other industries. It is often used in applications where superior swaging characteristics and moderate strength are required.

It is easily machined into complex components whilst being environmentally friendly, being both lead and beryllium free.

  • Excellent elongation and swaging performances
  • Excellent galling properties
  • Good antifriction properties
  • Good resistance to oxidation
  • Good machinability
  • Low magnetic permeability

Lebronze alloys manufacturing process for Si45Z is fully integrated: internal processes include casting, hot and/or cold working stages, heat treatment and non-destructive testing. Being fully integrated ensures reactivity and complete traceability.

Distribution network

In the USA and North America, Busby Metals is the exclusive distributor of Si45Z. Contact our partners from Busby for more stocks availability and services:

For other countries contact directly Lebronze Alloys or the distribution partner of your area:

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Date: 27th avril, 2020
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