Lebronze alloys est né de l’intégration de sociétés spécialisées dans la production d’alliages cuivreux, cuivre, alliages nickel, aluminiums, aciers spéciaux, aciers inoxydables, titane et superalliages nickel.

Grâce à un savoir-faire pluridisciplinaire, le Groupe apporte des solutions novatrices à toutes les grandes industries telles que l’Aéronautique, le Pétrole & Gaz, l’Energie, le Ferroviaire mais est présent également dans des secteurs fabricant de plus petits équipements.

Nos 11 sites de production et 850 collaborateurs maîtrisent un éventail unique de technologies de transformation des métaux : fonderie en coulée continue et semi-continue, fonderie sable, fonderie en coquille (manuelle, mécanisée, robotisée), fonderie centrifuge, extrusion, laminage circulaire, laminage à chaud et à froid, tréfilage, forge libre, matriçage, estampage, frappe à froid, usinage, contrôles non-destructifs, etc.

Offrir une solution adaptée et optimisée aux besoins de chaque secteur, tel est l’engagement de notre Groupe. 

Nous espérons que ce site vous permettra de trouver des réponses ou des idées pour vos projets.
Nous vous aiderons à les concrétiser ! 


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    au 19/01/2021
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COVID-19-comm 2 (2)

Customers news release - COVID-19
Production continues at all our sites thanks to the adaptation of workstations / places and our organization. The implementation of all these changes are made with the focus to guarantee the health, safety and welfare of our employees . 

Dear customers,

The global COVID-19 epidemic is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities and lifestyles.

In this critical period, LBA, which is particularly involved in the fields of Defense, Energy and Healthcare, must ensure its production capacities remain operational. In light of the latest decisions taken by most European governments, our teams are mobilized and contribute to the collective effort to maintain a normal production rate and meet your needs:

  • The commercial and administrative staff are working remotely, but with the tools provided your point of contacts remain intact and unchanged,
  • Meetings are held by video conference thanks to the IT tools provided by LBA,
  • Travel outside the workplace is strictly limited,
  • Our logistics teams remain mobilized on site,
  • Health and safety practices are strengthened,
  • Production workstations have been adapted.

We have very few absent staff. We obviously prioritize customer service in order to meet our deadline commitments, and we are closely monitoring the logistic situation, without any major interruptions to date.

Our Group is fully integrated from foundry to parts finishing, and we have large stocks of raw materials that guarantee the continuity of our operations. As our raw material suppliers are mainly based in Germany, the closure of the borders between France and Germany could potentially add few days of delay to the incoming logistics.

LBA is fully supportive of the decisions and efforts made by governments and healthcare professionals in the affected countries. We are convinced that in this way this crisis will be quickly brought under control.

On behalf of LBA, we thank you for your confidence and remain at your disposal for any information.

Sr VP Strategy & Business Development

Date: 17th mars, 2020
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