Lebronze alloys est né de l’intégration de sociétés spécialisées dans la production d’alliages cuivreux, cuivre, alliages nickel, aluminiums, aciers spéciaux, aciers inoxydables, titane et superalliages nickel.

Grâce à un savoir-faire pluridisciplinaire, le Groupe apporte des solutions novatrices à toutes les grandes industries telles que l’Aéronautique, le Pétrole & Gaz, l’Energie, le Ferroviaire mais est présent également dans des secteurs fabricant de plus petits équipements.

Nos 14 sites de production et 1300 collaborateurs maîtrisent un éventail unique de technologies de transformation des métaux : fonderie en coulée continue et semi-continue, fonderie sable, fonderie en coquille (manuelle, mécanisée, robotisée), fonderie centrifuge, extrusion, laminage circulaire, laminage à chaud et à froid, tréfilage, forge libre, matriçage, estampage, frappe à froid, usinage, contrôles non-destructifs, etc.

Offrir une solution adaptée et optimisée aux besoins de chaque secteur, tel est l’engagement de notre Groupe. 

Nous espérons que ce site vous permettra de trouver des réponses ou des idées pour vos projets.
Nous vous aiderons à les concrétiser ! 


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    au 06/06/2020
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COVID-19-comm 3

Customers news release - COVID-19
 The LBA teams are more than ever mobilized and united in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Group's missions in the fields of Health, Energy and Defense require us to do our utmost to ensure the continuity of our clients' operations and their activities.

Dear customers,

The world is going through an unprecedented health crisis that impacts us all. We are aware of the concern you may have in this context and would like to begin by thanking all those who are mobilizing on a daily basis.

Many of our customers are helping to fight the epidemic and its harmful effects. They are fighting for our health, safety and protection, and they need our help.

Lebronze alloys (LBA) is a supplier of critical elements for the healthcare sector, for example :

  • Circuitry components for life support respirators,
  • Superconducting elements essential for the manufacture of MRI systems,
  • Copper alloying elements equipping hospitals and HPAE's to fight against the risk of infection.

We are also suppliers for sectors essential to the functioning of companies such as Energy and Defence.

It is therefore vital for our sector not to increase the difficulties resulting from this health crisis by doubling them with an industrial crisis and to prepare for an economic recovery while adapting work organisation methods to ensure the safety of our employees.

For this, our teams remain at your disposal to ensure the continuity of the activities in order to maintain your supplies in line with your needs, whilst maintaining the best commercial conditions. In particular, we have noted a significant increase in the cost of air transport and some slowdowns in land transportation.

Please do not hesitate to contact your usual LBA commercial correspondents.

LBA remains mobilized with you in the face of this crisis and hopes to limit its effects through ever closer collaboration.


Sr VP Strategy & Business Development

Date: 29th mars, 2020
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