Lebronze alloys est né de l’intégration de sociétés spécialisées dans la production d’alliages cuivreux, cuivre, alliages nickel, aluminiums, aciers spéciaux, aciers inoxydables, titane et superalliages nickel.

Grâce à un savoir-faire pluridisciplinaire, le Groupe apporte des solutions novatrices à toutes les grandes industries telles que l’Aéronautique, le Pétrole & Gaz, l’Energie, le Ferroviaire mais est présent également dans des secteurs fabricant de plus petits équipements.

Nos 14 sites de production et 1300 collaborateurs maîtrisent un éventail unique de technologies de transformation des métaux : fonderie en coulée continue et semi-continue, fonderie sable, fonderie en coquille (manuelle, mécanisée, robotisée), fonderie centrifuge, extrusion, laminage circulaire, laminage à chaud et à froid, tréfilage, forge libre, matriçage, estampage, frappe à froid, usinage, contrôles non-destructifs, etc.

Offrir une solution adaptée et optimisée aux besoins de chaque secteur, tel est l’engagement de notre Groupe. 

Nous espérons que ce site vous permettra de trouver des réponses ou des idées pour vos projets.
Nous vous aiderons à les concrétiser ! 


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Customers news release - COVID-19
Lebronze alloys makes every effort to ensure continuity of its production and deliveries. Our teams are mobilized and prepared to support our customers and partners in the resumption of their activities.

Dear Customers,

At a time when governments from around the world are progressively implementing measures to relax the “lockdowns” we are aware of the difficulties that we have been waging together for  almost two months, both against Covid19 but also its economic impact.

In these exceptional times we all know, our first priority has been to protect the personnel present at our production sites and thus help to limit the spread of the epidemic:  

  • The implementation of remote work has been maximized,
  • We have adapted the working conditions on our sites in accordance with the social distance and hygiene guidelines
  • In this context, we currently equip all of our factories and offices in France and abroad with Steriall® copper alloy door handles, a unique solution developed by LBA, effective over time to fight many families of viruses and bacteria. (the hardware provides additional protection against contact transmissions and does not replace other "barrier measures"). 3,000 Steriall® door handles were also offered free of charge to the group's employees in order to equip their accommodation.

If you want to know more about these architectural parts and our solution Steriall® that combats these infectious risks, your usual business contact is of course at your disposal. To satisfy these urgent needs we are able to offer it to our customers as a priority. You can also now visit our website dedicated

We were particularly impressed by the responsiveness and commitment to the measures put in place by our teams to continue operating at all of our production sites. We want to maintain your confidence and strengthen our position alongside you as your long-term partner.

We are ready today to meet all your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us !


Sr VP Strategy & Business Development

Date: 04th mai, 2020
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