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Lebronze alloys is a key partner for technical fittings & regulation systems manufacturers. Lebronze alloys produces forged technical fittings & pressure regulation components for fluid circuits (air, gas, liquids). Lebronze alloys produces these components by close die forging process. This process, allows to reach specific designs and the high level of mechanical, physical and surface properties required. For them we intervene from the design to the industrialization (forging, machining, finishing) of fittings and pressure reducers with nominal diameters ranging from 6 mm to 50 mm.

High performance and security.

Compared to casting, closed-die forging offers finer and more homogeneous grain structures, allowing:

  • A respect of the full range of safety factors as leak-tightness
  • Improved mechanical properties and longer durability

Lebronze alloys offers its large metallurgical expertise and can provide a wide variety high-performance alloys, such as:

  • High performance bronze aluminum: NC4 (CuAl10Ni5Fe4), NCS (CuAl11Ni5Fe5)
  • Copper Nickel alloys with excellent corrosion resistance and welding properties: Navinic® 10 (CuNi10Fe1Mn, C70600, C70610, C70620) and Navinic® 30 (CuNi30Mn1Fe, C71520, C71500)
  • Unleaded brass: EnviB range of lead-free brass such as EnviB ECO® (CuZn21Si3P, UNS C69300, CW724R)
  • Other solutions for brass fittings: Special brass and leaded brass (CuZnPb)
  • Aluminum fittings

These components are used for fluid circuits in: Energy (Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Hydrogen storage), Transportation (Railway, E-mobility), Industry (Chemistry, Welding gases, Desalination, Molding), Sport (Motor sport, Scuba diving), Health and Safety (Medical gas as oxygen)

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