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Resistance welding solutions

Resistance welding solutions

For over 50 years, Lebronze alloys has been an international reference in the Automotive industry for resistance welding products. Lebronze alloys offers tailored solutions to cover all your needs.

Welding electrodes

Our 4 solutions (CuZr electrode, Powerode, Powerode+ and Alrode) are an ideal range of welding electrodes, from coated or uncoated AHSS steel to aluminium sheet welding.


Bars and other products

Lebronze alloys manufactures also round bars, flat bars, plates, welding wheels and any kind of engineered products.

Welding coils

LBA is the only manufacturer on the market to offer 3 different qualities of CuCrZr coils.

Available forms

Wires & Small Rods

Bars & Hollow Bars

Flats & Plates

Spot welding electrodes

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Alrode® Electrodes CuCrZr C18147 datasheet
Powerode® Electrodes CuCrZr C18150 datasheet
Powerode+® Electrodes CuCrZr C18148 datasheet
ZR16X Electrodes CuZr C15000 EN 12163 - EN 12167 - EN 12420 - CW120C datasheet
Powerode® Material CuCrZr C18150 datasheet
Powerode+® Material CuCrZr C18148 datasheet
CB4 CuCo2Be C17500 ASTM B441 - ASTM B534 - ASTM B870 CW104C datasheet
Alrode® Coils CuCrZr C18147 - - -
Powerode+® Coils CuCrZr C18148 - - -
Powerode® Coils CuCrZr C18150 - - -
CRM15 CuCr1 C18200 CW105C -
CRM16 CuCr1Zr C18150 - EN 12163 - EN 12165 - EN 12420 - EN 12167 - CW106C - CW105C datasheet
CRM16BHP CuCr1Zr C18150 -
CRM16E CuCr1Zr C18100 - C18150 EN 12163 - EN 12165 - EN 12420 - EN 12167 - CW106C - CW105C datasheet
CRM16EP CuCr1Zr C18150 -
CRM16HP CuCr1Zr C18150 -

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