Marine & Oil & Gas

Offshore oil platform

A long-time expert in Oil & Gas and Marine systems.

Lebronze alloys has been supplying copper alloys semi-finished end finished products for seawater cor­rosion resistance for more than 50 years. Le Bronze Industriel started and developed the internal production of copper nickel in collaboration with French Navy shipyards DCN in 1982. Lebronze alloys Group is a referenced and preferred supplier with worldwide major navy or commercial shipyards, ship-owners, naval architects and engineering companies.

We have been developing and improving our expertise in Oil & Gas and Marine applications, with copper nickel alloys, copper silicon alloys for oil deep-sea measurement applications (seawater corrosion and friction resistance), copper beryllium alloys for seismic acquisition equipment (seawater corrosion and high strength/elongation re­sistance), and even copper cobalt alloys for Oil & Gas drilling in Offshore industries, whilst also focusing on machined components in Nickel Aluminium Bronze (in BOP for example).


Oil & Gas Off-Shore Topside

Our alloys are used in various engineered products such as: Sea water cooling systems, Fire-fighting systems and ballast systems, Valves body, Manifolds, Mud Pumps, Rigging screw bodies, Bolts and nuts, Stern tube bearings, Generator seals, cleats, FSPO / FSO Plaforms Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Prescribers, Civil Shipyards, OEM Tier 1 Engineering Companies, Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) Companies, etc.

Oil & Gas Off-Shore Subsea :

Our specialty materials, for instance Hardiall, Hardibron and K5B are used in: Measurement components during drilling (MWD), Shock absorber collars, Turbine bearing rings, Pressure protection chambers instrumentation gamma probes, x-ray,battery packs, Blow out preventer (BOP) bearings and seals, Mud motor pump bearings, Valve Guides, Subsea christmas tree, Actuator stem, Wellhead controls, Sealed actuator valve guides, Actuator Nuts and Rods, Bearings and thrust washers horizontal rotary drilling tools, Valves Bonnets,Stems ,Seals, Gate, Connectors and hydraulic components wellhead manifolds, Hydraulic connectors stabplates blowout preventer, Fluid hydraulic connectors and underwater tools for radio-controlled underwater vehicles (ROV), Shut-off rod and valve flap, Tri-cone and Reamers rotary steerable horizontal directional drilling (HDD)  thrust washers and bushings

Oil & Gas On-Shore

On land, we offer solutions for: Artificial pumping valve stem ring fittings, Artificial pumping rod guide bushing couplings.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Prescribers, OEM Tier 1 Machining Companies (first mount)
Blow out preventer (BOP) Manufacturers, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Kelly Valves Manufacturers according to API 6A standard, MWD Components aftermarket companies, Mud pump, Mud motors manufacturers, Wellhead manufacturers, Tri-cone and Reamers rotary steerable drilling tools manufacturers, Hydraulic stab plate connectors manufacturers.


Marine & Naval: Copper Nickel pipes and fittings

We manufacture the complete range (seamless or welded ) of pipes, BW fittings, hot stamped, forged and machined fittings and flanges from 1⁄4” till 48” covering all various international standards or dedicated specifications applicable to copper nickel products in order to supply the complete package required for whatever Naval project.