Marine defence

Lebronze alloys is a supplier to numerous manufacturers of Defence systems: at Sea, in Air or on Land. Our solutions anwer challenges such as extreme conditions, need for miniaturization, utmost level of reliability of mechanical components and of electronics. 


Sea Defense systems

Frigates & Submarines: our materials are transformed into engineering parts of systems such as: Seawater circuitry, Fire-fighting systems, Nuclear propulsion vacuum systems, Impact fixings, bolts and nuts, Valves bodies, etc.
Weapon systems: our applications include Vibration control systems, Lauching system components, Missiles actuators bushing and guides, Laying systems.

Aerospace Defense systems: electronics

LBA offer numerous copper alloys for electric connectors: alloys with resistance to extreme temperature or conditions, enabling connexion reliability in all circumstances, perfect for Defense equipments.
Also, high-strength Niclafor products are strictly a-magnetic, they are materials of choice for shielding applications.
The famous ARCAP® alloys are widely used in optical fiber connectors, not only in Defense but also in Civil Aerospace, in Medical or Marine industries too.
Our alloys are also used in High strength high integrity cables harness of EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems)



Aerospace Defense systems: Mechanical parts & other

LBA products are use for Actuator Seals and Bushings, Bearing Cages and Raceways, Bearing swash plates, Horizontal stabilizer trim actuator guide Up-lock Controls, Down-lock Controls, Hydraulic Bearings, etc.

Land Defense systems

Our products are used in armoured troup vehicles and weapon systems.