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EnviB X

CuZn40 - CuZn42

  • ISO composition : CuZn40 - CuZn42
  • European standards :

    CW509L - CW510L 

  • UNS :



No applications

Lebronze alloys’ offer of environment friendly brass

As a copper and nickel alloy producer as well as a forging and casting specialist, Lebronze alloys (LBA) is actively involved in proposing ethical and ecologically sustainable solutions.
In brass applications, lead has been widely used to improve machining operations. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for alternatives to leaded brass all over the world.

EnviB X is a family of 5 alloys (EnviB 1, EnviB 10, EnviB 58, EnviB 158 and EnviB58AM). They are highly machinable brasses with max 1000 or 90 PPM lead. Max 60 PPM lead can be also produced on demand.
Thanks to its high conductivity and low level of lead, EnviB X excels in electrical, mechanical and luxury applications among others. EnviB58AM is a strictly amagnetic alloy from the EnviB range: this can be crucial in amagnetic applications, such as in hospitals.
EnviB X alloys have improved recycling capacity due to the absence of Silicon. The chips can be mixed with leaded or unleaded brass.

EnviB alloys fulfill rules and regulations like RoHs, REACH, California and Federal Drinking Water Act, UBA list, CPSIA and Öko-Tex.
Furthermore, Lebronze alloys EnviB alloys do not contain any of the following elements:
Arsenic, Bismuth, Tellurium.

EnviB: answering your machinability challenges

Lebronze alloys has a wide experience of lead-free copper-alloys manufacturing and applications: LBA is aware of the economic and technological challenges of the transition to a world of lead-free brass, and especially the challenge to maintain a high machining efficiency.
Thanks to its experience, LBA increased EnviB alloys machinability by fine tuning their composition and production processes compared to other lead-free alloys.
Machining and customer support service

For optimized efficiency, EnviB alloys request adjustment of the machining parameters such as tooling or cutting speed.
Lebronze alloys is developing together with its partners a strong knowledge on EnviB machinability.
Our specialists will give you the finest expertise to get the best EnviB machining results depending on your technical and economical constraints. Please contact us to benefit from this.

Available forms
Other norms
EnviB® 1 CuZn40



EnviB® 10 CuZn40



EnviB®158 CuZn42 -


EnviB® 58 CuZn42 -


EnviB® 58AM CuZn42 -



About lead

Lead is known for its toxicity, even at low concentrations. Lead and its compounds, whether swallowed or inhaled, are poisonous to animals and humans alike. Lead is also a neurotoxin that accumulates over time in tissues and bones, damaging the nervous system and potentially causing brain damage. The elimination of lead from commonly used materials is therefore an environmental necessity.
Lead has joined on June 27, 2018 the REACH candidate list of Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC). This greatly accelerates the need to substitute it with lead-free material.
This implies obligations such as information and declaration duty of lead use.

A strong experience in lead-free alloys

Lebronze alloys has a wide experience of lead-free copper-alloys manufacturing and applications. We produce:

  • More than 4000T per year of lead-free brass
  • More than 4000T per year of other lead-free copper alloys.