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K5 & K5B special Copper-Nickel-Aluminium alloys

CuNi14Al2, CuNi14Mn4Al3

K5 is a wrought copper nickel aluminium CuNi14Al2/ CuNi14Al3 (NFL14-702) with very high mechanical properties, good impact and fatigue resistance, non-sparkling on impact. It is strictly amagnetic. K5 is used for the  Aerospace industry and Electrical engineering applications. 

K5B is a wrought copper nickel aluminum alloy CuNi14Mn4Al2 designed for high strength applications in seawater environment.

It is non-magnetic and resists mechanical wear, galling, stress relaxation, corrosion and erosion.

It is easily machined into complex components, whilst being environmentally friendly being both lead and beryllium free.

K5B is used within the Oil & Gas industry thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties in many varied components.

Lebronze alloys has developed a full range of Copper Nickel Aluminum matching the Oil & Gas industry stringent requirements.

K5B is compliant with the norm NES835 / DEF STAN 02-835.


K5 Key Applications in Aerospace

K5 is used within the Aerospace industry thanks to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties  in many varied components.

Lebronze alloys has developped a full range of Copper Nickel Aluminium matching the Aerospace industry stringent requirements. 


K5B Key Applications in Marine, Defense and Oil & Gas

Naval and Defense applications

Fasteners for ships and submarines, control elements of submarines, pumps, shafts, mechanical seals, winch components, gears, hose couplings, weapons handling equipment, components in sonar devices, propeller shafts, drive bushings.

For these applications Lebronze alloys integrated supply chain is able to propose ready-to-use products.

Oil & Gas applications

Subsea bolting, shafts for pumps & valves, valve spindles, hydraulic pistons and cylinders, hydraulic connectors, pressure couplings...

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K5 CuNi14Al2, CuNi14Al3

NFL 14-702

K5B CuNi14Mn4Al2 -