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High performance valve train components

High performance car

Lebronze alloys has a broad range of high strength materials specifially for internal combustion engines demanding applications offering medium to high resistance to friction wear, temperature, load and pressure.

Lebronze alloys materials are well suited for the various technologies within the valvetrain from steel, aluminum to titanium pistons We offer materials and components solution to every challenge from cost effective High Tensile Brasses to Nickel Aluminum Bronze with medium high srength good friction wear resistance and well suited for medium high working loads to Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium alloys and spinodal Copper Nickel Tin alloys with outstanding behaviour towards friction wear, pressure, temperature resistance with the highest working loads. Thanks to their high properties, they contribute to weight reduction by miniaturization and allowing higher internal engine pressure help reducing CO2 emissions.

Use cases : Valve Seat, Valve Guide, Piston Ring, Bushings, Turbocharger Axial, Thrust Washer, Floating and Semi Floating Bearings;


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