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Pure Nickel materials

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    ASTM B162

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Lebronze alloys offers the widest range of pure nickel available.
Our alloys can be described as single-phase, face-centered, cubic-solid solution alloys. Phase stability and general low chemical reactivity impart a practically useful degree of metallurgical simplicity. The alloys are thus easy to work with in many processing steps.
Our range of pure nickel strips are used in a variety of applications because of a unique combination of properties such as corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, resistance tarnishing or chemical reactivity in ambient temperature, atmospheric environments, good formability, ease of plating, good weldability, moderate resistance to acids and excellent resistance to caustic solutions. Our technique of casting pure nickel also allows superior metallurgical and surface cleanliness.

Pure Nickel Main Properties

Our range of pure nickel strips offer:

  • One of the lowest electrical resistivity available

  • Homogeneity microcleanliness, and close composition control, which enhances weldability

  • Significantly low levels of surface oxides reduces die wear and provides excellent solderability

  • Excellent formability: our range is easily machined into components.

Pure Nickel Key Applications

Our pure nickel strips exhibit superior metallurgical cleanliness, including on their surface, which allow one of the lowest electrical resistivity on the market, combined with a great weldability and suitability to form cladded products. Moreover, the isotropy and homogeneity of mechanical properties of our strips offers enhanced formability and deep-drawing ability.

Those properties make it perfectly suited for battery packs, which are used in devices with rechargeable batteries, such as computers, smartphones, cardiac pacemaker cells, power tools, electric vehicles, aerospace batteries, etc.

The superior metallurgical cleanliness of our pure nickel strips, combined to their high electric conductivity and high corrosion resistance, enables the efficient stable production of high purity hydrogen and chlorine: therefore, our pure nickel range is perfectly suited for cathodes in hydrogen fuel cells.

The superior metallurgical and surface cleanliness of our pure nickel strips also enables the formation of impurity-free welds. Moreover, the isotropy and homogeneity of mechanical properties of our pure nickel range improve the stability and yield of the flux cored wire manufacturing.

Available forms
Other norms
Nickel 200 Ni99.2



DIN 2.4066

Nickel 201 Ni99



DIN 2.4068

Nickel 206 Ni99.6 - -

DIN 2.4060

Nickel 206A Ni99.6 - - -
Nickel 206 BC
NiMnSiC - - -
Nickel 206C Ni99 - - -
Nickel 206T Ni99 - - -
Nickel U NiCoMnC - - -

Products packaging

  • Thickness - 0.001” (0.05 mm) to 0.138” (3.5 mm)
  • Width - 0.118” (3 mm) to 13.50” (380mm)
  • Coil Sizes offered (Inside diameter): 300, 400 & 500 mm