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C97® & C98® special low-alloyed Copper


C97® is a free-machining heat-treated leaded copper nickel alloy offering both high mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. C97® is primarily used for connectors components: it is perfectly suited for use in harsh environments presenting both high temperature and high mechanical solicitation.

In addition, C97® is a more eco-friendly alternative to beryllium and cadmium copper alloys.

C97® Key Applications

Connectors for Aerospace and Automotive industries:

C97® is used for female contact body in circular or RF connectors. C97® demonstrates outstanding thermal stress relaxation resistance allowing it to better support high temperatures and high vibrations specific to these industries, providing a longer service life of the connector compared to connectors made of other alloys.

Connectors for medical devices:

C97® is used for female contact body for specific connectors used in medical devices. For such applications, C97® demonstrates excellent fatigue resistance, allowing it to support daily mating cycles providing a longer service life of the connector compared to other alloys.

C97® main properties

Limited stress relaxation

Thermal stress relaxation represents the stress decrease over time in a connector under outside solicitation in a high temperature environment: thus, the decrease must be limited in order to preserve the contact force of the connector.

C97® presents one of the best thermal stress relaxation resistance compared to other copper alloys (such as brass and copper-beryllium) with very high levels of remaining stress after exposure in high temperatures environments. Therefore, connectors made of C97® are more likely to maintain their mechanical properties while used at high temperatures.

Excellent fatigue resistance

Fatigue strength illustrates the durability of the mechanical properties of the material over repeated mechanical solicitations. For a connector, it represents its reliability over repeated mating cycles (connection / reconnection).

C97® presents excellent fatigue strength properties; it is therefore a material of choice for medical devices and other electronic equipment that are often plugged and unplugged.

Available forms
C97® CuNi1Pb1


C98® & C98T CuNi1Pb1

C19150 - C19140