The international reference for specialty copper and nickel alloys dedicated to electronic components. Nowadays, our Group has become a leading solution developer worldwide in multiple sectors and holds the largest number of approvals for copper alloys, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, superalloy parts and special steels.

Over 50 years experience

Lebronze alloys has the necessary expertise to provide high-end customized alloys, adapting our products to the relevant requirements in different applications. Our Group is able to provide alloys for electronics in numerous sectors, such as Healthcare, Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Renewable Energy production among others. Our products meet a wide range of requirements for each sector, such as rigorous anti-magnetism for EMI shielding in Aerospace, thermal stress relaxation, fatigue strength and resistance to climatic variations for Healthcare and Defense, metallurgical cleanliness in Automotive, low resistivity for battery pack connectors, etc. Our alloys are also suitable for a wide range of processes: some of our alloys are ideal to be machined into connectors, some others can be welded without any impurity, etc. Our expertise makes us a great business partner, able to adapt to any requirement and any demanded form.


Typical LBA applications in Electronics

Power and signal transmission: we have developed alloys for high-performance power transmission, as well as a wide range of connector alloys, including optic fiber connector alloys.


Shielding and protection of components: Lebronze alloys offers a wide range of protection for electronic systems, from EMI shielding to particularly robust components.


Measurement and metering: our range of current sensing alloys exhibit the perfect properties to ensure the stability and the reliability of any system it is a part of.