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High strength heavy load friction wear resistance

Mining industry

Lebronze alloys has a long history producing high strength materials and components for demanding mechanical and hydraulic applications, our high performance materials offering the required heavy load, fatigue, friction wear resistance at low speed rotations.

Lebronze alloys offers multiples materials solutions for various application in heavy vehicles hydraulics systems, attachments linkages hydraulic toolings as well as internal combution eingines for the various demanding applications within Mining, Construction, Quarrying, Forestry and Agricultural.
We offer materials and components solution to every challenge from cost effective High Tensile Brasses Manganese Bronze  to Nickel Aluminum Bronze with medium high srength, good friction, wear galling resistance and well suited for medium high working loads to Copper Nickel Silicon Chromium alloys and spinodal Copper Nickel Tin alloys with outstanding behaviour towards friction wear even with reduced lubrification galling and corrosion resistance to salt, coal dust, silica and other minerals various the highest working loads.
Thanks to their high properties they contribute to an extreme longer lifespan compared to traditional material usued minimizing unpredicted downtime and maintenance.

Use cases : Heavy Vehicles and Equipment, Pivot Bushings, Plain Bearings, Thrust Washers, Hydraulic Rock Hammer, Breaker floating bushings, Hydraulic Axial Pump, Piston Shoe, Plate Turbocharger, Axial Thrust Washer ,Floating and Semi Floating Bearings

Available forms

Bars & Hollow Bars

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
Other norms
Hardiall® Bars and Tubes CuNi15Sn8


AMS 4596, AMS 4597, AMS 4598


EN 12163


NS5 CuNi3Si1 / CuNi2Si

C18000 - C64700



DTD 498 - ASNA 3405 - NFL 14707

NS6 CuNi2SiCr

C18000 - C64700



RWMA class 3: C18000

K5B CuNi14Mn4Al2 - - - -
Hardibron® CuNi14Al3Fe1 - - - -
HT32 CuZn26Al5Mn3Fe2 - - - -
X133 CuZn25Al6Mn5Fe4 - - - -
ZA9 CuZn19Al6MnFe - - -

ASNA 3402 - NFL 14701