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The LBA teams work hard every day to understand your needs and to propose new approaches to solve your problems.

Material customization

Our Research Center can assess specific use cases and provide the right material for your needs, or develop the right product for you.

Lebronze Alloys’ touch

  • It is in our DNA to create value for our customers through tailored solutions and we do it in all industries.
Online help

Online help

If you have any questions about our services and solutions, you can contact our experts by clicking the button below:

TCO optimization

At Lebronze alloys, we offer a unique range of forms and finishing capabilities to our customers. For one need, there are always multiple manufacturing strategies: we compare them to create the best value for our customers in terms of material cost, processing cost, and also to optimize our environmental impact.

Lebronze Alloys’ touch

  • Friction bushings made from materials in bars that are pre-machined and machined. They can also be made from flat material, rolled and welded, which is optimal in some cases. We can do both !
  • We offer special profiles as well as semi-finished products of customized sizes : getting nearer to the customers’ final needs enables significant savings, and reduced material use !
  • Our production chain goes to finished parts: we offer hollow bars, pre-machined parts, machined parts, as well as forged blanks, and of course finished parts.


Our LBA engineering teams support customers in their components development.

Lebronze Alloys’ touch

  • Our metallurgy specialists select the best alloy, to optimize both its processing steps and its performance in the final application.
  • Our Group includes a team of forging experts, trained in design-to-cost techniques as well as CAD and numerical simulation.

LBA UK Service and Distribution Center

To offer the best service and reactivity to our UK customers, LBA developed this brand new warehouse, offering stocks of materials of all forms (including a large range of bars and strips), cutting services such as cut-to-length, customized packaging, and shipping. Contact your sales LBA representative or fill an online contact form for more details.

LBA China Distribution Center

Our Chinese Center offers reactivity, stocks and packaging services to our local customers, mostly around flat products (strips, sheets).