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Electric battery components

Lebronze Alloys offers an extensive range of current sensing alloys and a unique mix of forms: wire, flat wire, sheet and strip with high stability of resistance over large range of temperature, for the automotive industry amongst others.


Sensing alloys and unique mix of forms

In the manufacturing of batteries for electrical vehicles, one crucial element is attaining superior power density at lower cost to be able to move electrical vehicles over long distances: our pure Nickel products are materials of choice for this, due to their low relative electrical resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

Our integrated manufacturing process allows us to provide superior metallurgical cleanliness: this property is crucial to ensure high electrical conductivity as well as a great ease of spot welding, and suitability to form cladded products such as battery pack connectors.


Battery Management Systems in electric motors

Lebronze alloys manufactures CuMn alloys with highly controlled resistivity and very low temperature dependency of resistivity. Our quality level even allows miniaturization for alloys with low resistivity grades and offers a very low electromotive force versus copper.

Those alloys are suitable for applications in demanding environments, for instance they are commonly used in electrical shunts in Battery Management Systems such as in Automotive (wire-drawing to 0.5mm) and Building (wire-drawing to 0.3-1mm)


High performance Copper for e-mobility

Electrical vehicles require high electrical performance, especially in battery systems and at charging stations. Specialized in copper alloys, Lebronze alloys has developped a range of low-alloyed copper alloys for cables and connectors for high-performance battery applications, such as in Automotive, Aerospace and Railways.

Available forms

Rolled products

Wires & Small Rods

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
Niclal 37 CuMn10Ni4 -
Niclal 38 CuMn10Ni4 datasheet
Niclal 42 CuMn12Ni4 datasheet
Niclal 43 CuMn12Ni4 datasheet
Niclal 43A CuMn12Ni2 -
Nickel 200 NiMnSiC N02200 -
Nickel 201 NiMnSiC N02201 ASTM B162 -
Nickel 204
NiMnSiC -
Nickel 206 NiMnSiC datasheet
Nickel 206 BC
NiMnSiC -
Nickel 206A NiMnSiC -
Nickel 206C NiMnSiC datasheet
Nickel 206T NiFeMnSiCuC -

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