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Arslan Kaynakmetal

Arslan Kaynakmetal is a long-standing exclusive distributor of Lebronze alloys spot welding products in Turkey.

Arslan is specialized in the distribution of spot welding products. In addition, Arslan manufactures arms, holders, adapters and special electrodes for spot welding and serves the automotive industry.


Avitra is an exclusive distributor of Lebronze alloys spot welding products in Thailand.

Established in Bangkok in 1984, Avitra is a trading company handling industrial equipment.  Avitra  represents a number of well-known European manufacturers who are leaders in their respective fields and who provide reliable machinery and consumables in Resistance welding.

Bibus Metal

Bibus Metals is our distributor in Eastern Europe of Niclafor, ARCAP, Monel and our Pure Nickel range.

Bibus Metals group is one of the leading stockists and suppliers of semi-finished, high-performance materials of Nickel, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Titanium and Titanium Alloys and Stainless Steel for Aerospace. The head office is located in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, UK, Ukraine, Russia and China with central warehouses in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and China. 

Busby Metals

Busby Metals is a distributor of Lebronze alloys products in the UK, USA and Canada with exclusivity for SI45Z (AMS4616- C65620) in the US.

Busby Metals offers a large  diverse inventory of specialty high-performance Copper Alloys for Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and a variety of other industries. For over 50 years, Busby product and industry expertise, timely and responsive service, and highest quality products have made Busby a preferred supplier of Copper Alloys.