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Copper and copper alloys complex profiles

Special profiles & plates

For decades, Lebronze alloys has been a reference in the designing and manufacturing of rods and wires special profiles for machining, cold heading, and cold forming.

We supply standard profiles (round, square, hexagonal etc.) as well as profiles with complex and asymmetrical shapes.

Our profiles manufacturing processes are fully integrated and include casting, tooling, extrusion, cold-drawing, and heat treatments.


Pre-profile extrusion

Dedicated tooling department

Our Lebronze alloys Germany GmbH plant is specialized in the production of complex profiles. Indeed, our factory is equipped with a dedicated department that handles the design, engineering, and manufacturing of toolings that are used across all production stages.

Near-to-shape extrusion

One of our specialties is pre-profile extrusion. Thanks to this preliminary work, we get closer to the desired final shape right from the hot forming stage.

It is more efficient and cost-effective to produce near-to-shape semi-finished products. Since the profile is nearer to the desired final shape from the earliest production step, less material is used, and fewer scraps are made which is also more ecological.

After the extrusion, our profiles will be undergoing cold-drawing and the adequate heat treatments to obtain the required mechanical properties.

Our special profiles alloys

Our profiles are made from a range of high-quality copper, brass and bronze alloys which guarantees high electrical conductivity combined with optimal properties in tensile strength and mechanical deformation.

Depending on your profiles’ form, we offer different packagings (packets, coil/ring, spool, metal spools, and rods)

Our near-to-shape profiles will reduce any additional machining operations you might have.

The list of copper and copper alloys and capabilities we master for complex profiles manufacturing is described in the following table.

Example of complex profiles in copper and copper alloys

Here are some exemples of special profiles we are equipped to manufacture :









Contact us!

Our experts will accompany you in the design of your tailor-made profiles with a strict respect of dimensional criteria and tolerances. Many different geometries options are possible.


Wire Special Profiles

  • From 10 to 80mm² (Profile surface)

Bar Special Profiles

  • From 10 to 60mm² (Profile surface)


Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
BZ4 CuSn4Pb4Zn4


AMS 4520


BZ6 CuSn6HP - - -
BZ8 CuSn8 - - -
C97 CuNi1Pb1


- -
CuSC SupraConductor Cu-ETP/SV - - -
EnviB 10 CuZn40




EnviB 58 CuZn42 - -


58A CuZn39Pb3 C38500 - CW614N
58D CuZn39Pb3/D




58F CuZn39Pb3/F - - -
60A CuZn38Pb2 - - -
60M CuZn38Pb1,5 C37700 - CW608N
61A CuZn36Pb3 C36000 - CW603N
62A CuZn35Pb2 C34200 - C34500 - C35300 - CW601N
63N CuZn35Pb2 C34200 - C34500 - C35300 - CW601N
E63FS CuZn36/FS




E80 CuZn30 - - -
E85 CuZn15 - - C23000 - C23400 - CW502L
NM2 CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2/S C79800 approx. - CW400J
NM3 CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2 C79800 approx. - CW400J