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Copper Manganese alloys

CuMnNi & CuMnSn products

CuMn product

Highly controlled resistivity. _Very low temperature dependence on resistivity.

Our Copper Manganese alloys are widely recognised for their quality and reliability. They are used in a large range of stringent applications, notably due to their dielectric properties.

  • Possibility to achieve very tight restance on final component
  • High stability of resistance over large range of temperature
  • Ability to miniaturize components by choosing low resistivity grades


Alloy Name
Available forms
CuMn3 CuMn3Si
Niclal® 28 CuMn6Sn2
Niclal® 29 CuMn7Sn2
Niclal® 37 CuMn10Ni4
Niclal® 38 CuMn10Ni4
Niclal® 42 CuMn12Ni4
Niclal® 43 CuMn12Ni4
Niclal® 43A CuMn12Ni | CuMn12Ni2
Niclal® 47 CuMn14Ni2
Niclal® 48 CuMn13Ni4