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Niclafor® 1000 | CuNi9Sn6 | C72700


Niclafor® 1000 is a range of Copper-Nickel-Tin (CuNi9Sn6) alloys designed and produced by Lebronze alloys (ex. CLAL).

Its complex manufacturing process includes solution annealing, work hardening and spinodal hardening to obtain very high mechanical and physical properties.

Niclafor can be a substitute to Copper-Titanium and Beryllium Copper (C17200) for some applications. It is available in strip in coils, sheet and plate forms, as well as wires, rods, and special profiles.


Mechanical advantages

Niclafor® 1000 exhibits very high mechanical properties, such as Tensile Strength and Yield Strength above 1,000 MPa (145 ksi) depending on temper, even at high temperatures.

It has an excellent fatigue resistance and low friction, making it suitable for heavy duty applications. For example, it is used in bushings and bearings, eg. small end rings in high performance car engines.

The high elasticity and formability of Niclafor® products allow light and durable designs: it is, among others, a material of reference in the eyewear industry.

High physical properties

Niclafor® exhibits high conductivity, very good corrosion resistance, magnetic properties and shielding effectiveness.

It is extensively used in the electronics industry, including aerospace systems, for applications such as EMI shielding and connector parts.

A recyclable and environment-friendly solution

Niclafor® materials are beryllium-free, lead-free and cadmium-free, and are compliant with REACH and RoHs regulations.

Lebronze alloys is committed to offer recyclable solutions, to enhance their environmental performance during manufacturing and also during the whole components life cycle.

Available forms
Niclafor® 1000 CuNi9Sn6