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Forged and machined parts

Lebronze Alloys manufactures a complete range of pipes, fittings, flanges covering all various international standards or dedicated specifications applicable to copper nickel products.

Forged and machined parts

Lebronze alloys supplies many different industries with high-precision machined parts that are ready to install. With more than an decade of experience, we offer you expertise and reliable solutions for simple or complex machined parts.

Our fully integrated process and our trustful partnerships enable Lebronze alloys teams to offer machined & finished components:

  • High performance & high quality components, notably thanks to LBA materials
  • Competitive prices thanks to all our specialized factories

Open die-forging
Hot stamping / Die forging
Machining (Turning, Milling)


Parts < 1 kg

Parts 1 to 10 kg

Parts > 10 kg