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Antimicrobial Copper

Steriall® special copper alloys

Steriall antimicrobial alloy semi-finished products
Steriall antimicrobial alloy hospital door handle

Natural antimicrobial power._Efficient permanently._Garanteed for life._Strength and resistance in real conditions.

Discover the innovative & patented Steriall® solution: it aims at fighting viruses and bacteria on common-touch surfaces, to reduce the risk of infections and pandemia in our societies. To explore it more in details, visit the dedicated Steriall® website and its e-boutique.

The Steriall® solution is supported by 10 years of research by Lebronze alloys and its research partners:

  • Antimicrobial : effective against bacteria & the Human Coronavirus
  • Eliminates 99% of microbs at its surface in less that 1 hour
  • Proven efficiency in real conditions: 4x less infections in medical facilities!


Copper is effective against viruses including SARS-CoV2 as well as multi-resistant bacteria. We have optimised its antimicrobial power for use in the fight against epidemics. Due to its unique regeneration process, Steriall® is efficient for life, and its aesthetics are maintained in the long term..

Alloy Name
Available forms
Steriall® E Copper alloy
Steriall® F Copper alloy