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Navinic anticorrosion alloys

CuNi10Fe1Mn, CuNi30Fe1Mn

  • ISO composition : CuNi10Fe1Mn, CuNi30Fe1Mn
  • UNS :

    UNS C7060X

  • ASTM / AMS :

    ASTM B151, B171, B466/467

  • Other norms :

    EEMUA 144, BS 2871, JIS 2871, JIS h3300, CN107

Copper-nickel alloys, also known as Cu-Ni (10 to 30 % nickel), offer excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine saltwater environments.

The chemical composition of alloys Navinic 10 and Navinic 30 has been optimized in collaboration with our customers in order to maximize the behavior of the metal under the most stringent conditions of seawater corrosion. 

Additionally, Navinic 10 and Navinic 30 meet all requirements of most international standards.

Standards  for Navinic 10 : NFA 51 - 102, DIN 17664 2.0872, DIN 86019 2.1972, EEMUA 144 UNS 7060X, BS 2871 CN 102, 
NES 779, MIL-T-16420K C70600, ASTM B466 C70600, JIS H 3300 C7060.

Standards for Navinic 30 : NFA 51-102, DIN 17664 2.0882, BS 2871 CN 107, DGS 320, NES 780, MIL-T-16420K C71500,
 ASTM B 466 C71500, JIS H 3300 C7150.

Lebronze alloys has an extensive range of Copper Nickel materials and components designed for the Marine, Oil & Gas and Defense challenging environments (seawater corrosion in topsides, ships and submarines)  

Navinic Properties and Benefits

  • Navinic 10 and Navinic 30 have an excellent behavior when exposed to all forms of marine corrosion (sea water, brine and sea atmospheric exposures). This property is mainly due to the fact that the alloy prevents dissolution by forming a very strong protective surface film. 
  • Navinic 10 and Navinic 30 have also a good behaviour in other environments such as a good resistance in an ammoniacal environment. The behaviour of copper nickel in the presence of crude petroleum is correct in the vapour phase, with however, the risk of the protective film being destroyed.
  • Navinic 10 resistance to fire : Tests of resistance to fire have been made in simulating the service conditions of a pipeline during an offshore fire : piping empty - during 5 minutes - at 700°C, partly in the flame, then 15 minutes on water (with the start of the sprinklers). They have shown the total reliability of Navinic 10 : no rupture of the weld or of the brazing, no leakage, no permanent deformation. After the end of the fire, the piping in Navinic 10 has needed no replacement


Available forms
Other norms
Navinic 10 HP CuNi10FeMn - - -
Navinic 10 HP HNI CuNi10FeMn

C70600 - C70620 - C7060X

ASTM B151 - ASTM B171 - ASTM B466 - ASTM B467


Navinic 30 CuNi30Mn1Fe - - -

A large range of bars, pipes and fittings

Through our facilities and fully integrated production process, from raw material through smelting, casting extrusion, drawing, forging, forming, stamping and machining, we manufacture the complete range of pipes, fittings, flanges covering all various international standards or dedicated specifications applicable to copper nickel products.

We can provide products from 1⁄4” till 48” in order to cover the complete package required for whatever naval project. :

  • Bars (rounds, hexagones, flats, squares)
  • Seamless and/or welded pipes
  • Butt weld fittings (elbows, concentric and eccentric reducers, equal and reducing tees, saddles, end caps)
  • Machined and forged fittings ( forged fittings threaded, reducing inserts, bosses, nipples, forged or machined fittings-socket welding or capillary ends, unions, connectors, adaptors, plugs & caps, olets...)
  • Flanges (composite slip on flanges, composite weld neck flanges, composite blind flanges, composite spectacle blind flanges, solid slip on flanges, solid welding neck flanges, solid socket welding flanges, solid blind flanges, solid threaded flanges, solid spectacle blind flanges, socket weld flanges, bulkhead fittings)