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Special & standard Brass

CuZn, CuZnPb & CuZnAl: Leaded & Lead-free products

Brass bars
Brass wires

High tensile brass. _Machinable lead-free alloys. _Cold formable alloys.

Lebronze alloys manufactures a wide range of brass products: from standard unleaded brass to special leaded and unleaded brass. The innovative EnviB range of products is to design to provide lead-free machinable brass, and to comply to environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH. The special Aluminium and Iron reinforced brass ZA9 matches stringent requirements and can be machined into complex parts, for exampe for aerospace applications.

  • Machinability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Formability
  • Competitiveness

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
EnviB 1 CuZn40 C28000 CW509L datasheet
EnviB 10 CuZn40 C28000 CW509L datasheet
EnviB 158 CuZn42 CW510L datasheet
EnviB 58 CuZn42 CW510L datasheet
EnviB ECO® CuZn21Si3P C69300 CW724R datasheet
412 CuZn38PbSn -
413 CuZn37Mn3Si1Pb C67300 -
58A CuZn39Pb3 C38500 CW614N -
58D CuZn39Pb3/D C38500 CW614N -
58F CuZn39Pb3/F -
58H CuZn40Pb2 C37700 - C37800 - C38800 CW617N -
58L CuZn40Pb2 C37700 - C37800 - C38800 CW617N -
58S CuZn39Pb3/S -
58Y CuZn39Pb3 -
60A CuZn38Pb2 -
60AM CuZn38Pb2 C35300 CW608N -
60M CuZn38Pb1,5 C37700 CW608N -
60P CuZn39Pb3/P -
60SB CuZn38Pb1,5 -
61A CuZn36Pb3 C36000 CW603N -
61B CuZn37Pb1 -
61C CuZn37Pb1 -