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Alrode® | CuCrZr | C18147


Recognized experience and innovation

For over 50 years, Lebronze alloys has been an international reference in the Automotive industry for resistance welding products.

Being a major partner to almost all car builders involves important responsibilities: not only manufacturing high-quality alloys and electrodes but also being a pioneer in innovation. This allied with a Research & Development program launched in partnership with specific automotive manufacturers led to the setup of a dedicated and exclusive patented manufacturing process for the electrodes.

Alrode® is one of the key successes of this program.

Our revolutionary electrodes for aluminium sheet resistance welding, Alrode®

Alrode® is a premium quality solution that meets the stringent requirements of aluminium sheets resistance welding.

Alrode® is a wrought, age hardening CuCrZr (C18147) alloy with very high purity that performs well above the market properties for standard electrodes’. It has a fully integrated patented manufacturing process with automated control certified ISO 9001 / AS/EN 9100.

Since Alrode® is a low-alloy copper, it has excellent electrical conductivity. Thanks to the addition of small quantities of chromium and zirconium, it also exhibits very good mechanical properties such as very high hardness. Alrode® has an excellent resistance to corrosion and softening which guarantees a long service life.

Alrode® also optimises your total cost ownership (TCO): 

  • requires fewer electrode changes thus reducing consumption and less line stoppage. 
  • less straightening
  • improved weld spot quality


Why aluminium resistance welding needs specific materials?

Aluminium reacts different than steel during resistance welding.

It has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, it needs to be welded at a lot higher intensity and a faster cycle time than other materials to avoid overheating and excess melting.
That is why electrodes for resistance welding aluminium must have a high thermal and electrical conductivity, but also high hardness to resist softening over time. This balance is not easy to achieve. 

We consider our Alrode® electrodes revolutionary as they offer an excellent balance between these properties.

Alrode® key Automotive applications

  • Body-in-white
  • Hood
  • Roof
  • Closures
Available forms
Other norms
Alrode® Electrodes CuCrZr


RWMA Class 1

Lebronze alloys advantages

  • Integrated production process: from alloy smelting to finished and customized parts. Being the only integrated manufacturer, Lebronze alloys has an indisputable advantage: we manufacture our own alloys to produce electrodes. Our internal processes include casting, cold working stage, machining and non-destructive testing. Being fully integrated ensures reactivity and complete traceability;
  • A comprehensive range of electrode types and welding products in bars. Our catalog of ready-to-use electrodes covers all major international profiles. Specific designs are available on request. For welding accessories and/or for electrodes manufacturing, we offer a range of semi-finished products such as rods, plates, discs, rings, square, hexagonal and flat bars. Download our brochure to know more
  • Lebronze alloys is a member of the RWMA and of the AWS.