The CSR approach

lebronze alloys CSR

Creating the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship of trust

Through strict compliance with business ethics

Ethics and compliance, the prerequisites of a trusting relationship, are associated with the quality of our performance. That is why we are committed to ensuring strict compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards, to control the legal, regulatory and ethical risks inherent in our industry. To do this, we have established a Code of Ethics and Conduct that seeks to define good- rules conduct for all employees.


Through a Responsible-Purchasing Charter

As a major player in alloy production, we work with many suppliers and subcontractors. We are committed to developing a relationship based on trust and integrity to build a responsible supply chain. Through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we are committed to ensuring transparency and traceability regarding product origin and compliance, while complying with regulations on conflict minerals. Compliance with these requirements is a determining factor in the selection and establishment of our business relationships.


Through an Environmental-Quality Policy

As we are aware of the environmental constraints associated with our industrial activities and energy-intensive processes, we are committed to preserving resources, reducing our impact on the environment, and promoting the recycling of copper alloys. Our approach is formalized by an Environmental-Quality Policy which seeks to raise sustainable-development awareness among our stakeholders.


Through our adherence to the United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact

Our adherence to the Global Compact demonstrates our support for the universal principles of the United Nations regarding human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption. Our CSR actions meet four of their sustainable development objectives:

  • Work wellbeing and economic growth 
  • Inclusive and sustainable industrialization for innovation 
  • Responsible procurement and production 
  • Fight against climate change
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A Word from the Chairman

Hello, and welcome to the Lebronze alloys Group’s website and to the presentation of our actions on sustainable development.

As you will see, Lebronze alloys is positioning itself as a major player in field of circular economy, energy transition, sustainable mobility and, in general, the evolution towards an industry that is increasingly respectful of both the environment and humans.

Did you know that our products are mainly made from recycled materials and that they can, in turn, be recycled as many times as necessary? In addition, many of our materials play a key role in the production, storage, and transportation of renewable energy. Always at the forefront of performance, they also help reduce material and energy losses. On the human health front, our antimicrobial contact products can slow the spread of bacterial or viral outbreaks.


As members of the United Nations’ Global Compact, we prohibit all forms of discrimination and are committed to conducting our business ethically and in compliance of the laws of the countries in which we operate.

Finally, our investments are primarily focused on technologies designed to bring to market products that are less polluting and more recyclable than current ones.


Are you looking for solutions for a world that is more respectful of humans and nature? Our teams are available to answer all your questions on this topic.

A Word from the Chairman
Michel Dumont, Chairman

Our sustainability focus

circular economy

Deploying a circular business model

Economic Development

As a leader in the production and distribution of specialty metal products, we offer our customers a wide range of products and a support, development and innovation capacity. Our business model seeks to optimize the creation and distribution of value for all of our stakeholders.

With a portfolio of over 200 alloys and an industrial footprint covering a wide range of applications, we are constantly growing. The long-term vision of our governance strengthens the confidence of our various partners and allows us to establish ourselves in niche markets as producers of high value-added metallurgical components.


We state our desire to limit our environmental footprint through the use of renewable resources in our plants and through a policy of innovation focused on performance and recyclability.

Our innovations, real long-term investments, allow us to anticipate market needs and preserve natural resources – an eco-citizen approach in which we are committed to developing, in a fully integrated fashion, alternative lead-free and silicon-free alloys, highly machined and recyclable.

Controlling our environmental impact

Preserving resources

Conscious of the importance of respecting and protecting the environment, we seek to produce materials that meet the market’s immediate expectations while preserving the resources of future generations. Between eco-responsible buildings and innovative manufacturing processes, we work each day to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions to a significant degree. We have also set up a physico-chemical treatment plant for waste water, to reduce our water consumption.

Waste reduction

Environmental risks are largely inherent in the waste of industrial activities. That is why at Lebronze alloys, we sort all of our waste and work with processing centers which are licensed for their collection and recycling. We develop products the initial dimensions of which are as close as possible to the finished product, so as to reduce excess material. Furthermore, we offer our customers solutions for collecting their metal waste (shavings, cuttings, obsolete materials), and continuously improve our smoke- and dust-collection and filtration equipment.

Recycling copper alloys

With the scarcity of raw materials and increasing tensions around variations in their cost, the recycling and recovery of metal waste is a no-brainer. We develop processes that allow for the in-house recycling of all unsold goods, such as shavings and cuttings. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste being shipped to collection and refining centers. Each year, we reduce the amount of waste produced per tonne of material used by 25%.

Going one step further

For the past years, we have been developing new procedures to recycle scraps and cast them again into exploitable raw materials. We are now integrating our customers into this circular business model: under specific conditions, our customers can sell us their scraps to be recycled. Contact us at to know the conditions and get a quote.

Putting humans at the centre of our development

Industrial safety

Given that the industrial world is inherently subject to many risks, ensuring the safety of our stakeholders, our facilities and our products is our priority. Whether in workstation safety or in the safety of our processes, all of our employees and partner companies are involved. Employees are made aware of the issues through information and training and are guided by a roadmap that defines safety rules. A safety steering committee also ensures prevention and takes steps to eradicate all risky situations.


In a concern for equal opportunity, we prohibit all forms of discrimination. This fight against discrimination also lies behind our promotion of gender parity. In the heavy industries of forging and foundry, we take it upon ourselves to raise awareness about the feminization of trades, and we are committed to ensuring equal pay between men and women.

Our documents

All documents related to our policy are available for download here

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ISO 50001 Suippes

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