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Nickel-Silver alloys

CuNiZn products: ARCAP® and other Nickel-Silver products

Mechanical strength. _Corrosion resistance. _A-magnestism. _Machinability. _Silver color.

Discover our range of nickelsilver alloys including ARCAP® (AP1D, AP1C, AP4, etc): special high end alloys with exceptionnal machining, cryogenic and magnetic properties. We also produce special Manganese two-phase nickelsilver, for reinforced strength and machinability, such as NM2 and NM436, and a lead-free machinable EnviN alloys.

  • High durability of components
  • Precision and quality of machining

Nickel-silver also called "German silver" or "nickel brass" are alloys combining Copper with Nickel and Zinc. They offer a unique combination of properties, such as mechanical strength and corrosion resistance superior to those of brass, excellent machinability, good electrical resistivity and their silver color while not containing Silver.

Alloy Name
Available forms
European Norms
ARCAP® AP1 Cu65Ni25Zn8Mn - - datasheet
ARCAP® AP1C Cu56Ni25Zn17Mn - - datasheet
ARCAP® AP1D Cu61Ni25Zn12Pb1Mn C76390 - datasheet
ARCAP® AP4 Cu54Ni45Mn - - datasheet
EnviN 1 CuNi12Mn5Zn3 -
Niclal 106 CuZn25Ni6Mn -
Niclal 120 CuZn24Ni12Mn C75700 -
Niclal 1300 CuZn24Ni13Pb1MnP datasheet
Niclal 180 CuNi18Zn20 C76400 CW409J -
Niclal 1800 CuZn20Ni18Pb1MnP C76300 CW408J datasheet
Niclal 181 CuZn27Ni17Mn C77000 -
Niclal 450 NiCu31Zn24 -
NM2 CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2/S C79800 approx. CW400J -
NM3 CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2 C79800 approx. CW400J -
NM436 CuZn38Ni11Mn6Pb2 -
NM6 CuZn37Ni12Mn6Pb2 CW407J -
NML48 CuZn42Ni10 -
Strong 400 CuNi37Zn13Mn -
Strong 88 CuNi36Zn12Fe1Mn -

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