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Electro-magnetic shielding materials

Electro-magnetic shielding materials

Lebronze Alloys offers a large range of alloys used in EMI shielding, especially for the gasket manufacturing around doors, panels or cases that contains electronics.


EMI Shielding gasket material

In this use case, the goal is to protect electronics from outside EMI radiation that could cause interference or damage the components, as well as contain the radiations created by those electronics components and avoid exterior propagation.

The desired properties for EMI Shielding gasket material are:

  • high yield strength
  • high stress relaxation resistance (to keep the spring effect)
  • high deformability (ability to be bent without damage)
  • high electrical conductivity
  • good resistance to corrosion


EMI Cable shielding

Lebronze is also able to produce to produce low alloyed copper alloys that exhibit stringent amagnetism as well as excellent mechanical properties. This alloy, UC500, is the perfect material to shield a cable against EMI. We manufacture this alloy as wires: they are then braided around the core conductor material in an electrical cable.

Available forms

Rolled products

Wires & Small Rods

Lebronze alloys materials for these applications

Alloy Name
Available forms
Niclafor® 1000 CuNi9Sn6